Brad Pitt : the green mayor of New Orleans

March 6, 2008 / No Comments

If at first people were joking about the fact that Brad Pitt wants to be the “green mayor” of New Orleans, it has now turned into a big rumor.brad pitt green mayor new orleans Brad Pitt : the green mayor of New Orleans
Brad Pitt’s “Make It Right” Campaign in New Orleans – picture by ABCNews

It all started when the movie star, which sometimes lives in the city with his wife and kids, started to work on his Make It Right (MIR) campaign. He’s trying to demonstrate that they will build 150 affordable environmentally friendly homes in the area devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Word is that Brad would be interested in becoming a mayor of the city to prove that New Orleans could be very green city.

If he’s serious about it and it’s not just a rumor he wouldn’t be the first actor to become a politician. I don’t know why, but I would really trust this politician to at least try and make the country greener.

Oh and last thing, I would sure love Angelina Jolie to be his secretary, that would make it all awesome.