Husqvarna’s Solar Powered Automower

March 7, 2008 / No Comments

The days when you had to go out and cut the lawn yourself are history, because these days we have automowers to do it for us. Husqvarna decided to please us and announced that they will be launching the world’s first electricity solar powered hybrid automower, which is extremely quiet and outputs zero emissions.

Using all sorts of sensors it’s smart to avoid garden furniture and will cut in a certain area if you setup the perimeter with a metal wire. The specs say that it can cut up to 2,300 square meters and can be programmed when to start (even the day of the week). With full batteries it will munch grass for about 40 minutes but with the help of the solar panels, on a sunny day this could increase by up to 50%, to a full hour.

husqvarna solar power automower Husqvarnas Solar Powered Automower

husqvarna solar power automower2 Husqvarnas Solar Powered Automower

Though it’s great for the eco-freaks we are the price is in the rich range, £2,000 (about $3,970). – via – Pocket-Lint

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