Plastic Bags : better use them to relax

March 10, 2008 / 1 Comment

There is a plastic bags invasion that I am sure you’re aware of. It happens where you live, where I live so it’s a widely spread disease that we doesn’t seem to be able to fight with. Other than the radical solutions I’ve heard so far that forbids supermarkets from offering their customers plastic bags, nothing was as funny as creating a chair out of them.

recycled carrier bag chair Plastic Bags : better use them to relax

Designed by Kitsch-U-Like the recycled carrier bag chair needs about 2,000 plastic bags stuffed inside that you will have to manually fill. It sells for £75.00 (about $151) and if you will build your own the self reward of putting so many plastic bags off the streets would be priceless.

You will see that this rubbish piece of furniture is actually a very comfortable chair that all your friends will want to stay on. Let us know if you happen to own one.

via Gizmodo