Print Your Own Solar Cells on an Inkjet Printer

March 10, 2008 / 23 Comments

solar cells printing Print Your Own Solar Cells on an Inkjet Printer

I am a big fan of solar cells and using them for a greener home, but we all know that investments to get solar energy are usually spicy and not everyone can afford. There is a solution though. Konarka Technologies, a company that builds low cost sources of renewable power affordable and universally available thinks we can print our own solar cells using an inkjet printer.

Konarka has built a printable solar panel film and with the help of a common inkjet printer they can produce build thin photovoltaic solar cells. The technology is innovative as it uses solar cell material as ink and Konarka’s light-activated Power Plastic® that is flexible, lightweight, lower in cost and much more versatile in application than traditional silicon-based solar cells, as paper.

“This essential breakthrough in the field of printed solar cells positions Konarka as an emerging leader in printed photovoltaics.”

Using such technology is only feasible to large productions of solar cells but as it evolves we can expect to see all kinds of solar cells from as small as a window or laptop to as big as car’s roof.

Press release via Inhabitat