Cascade Green – Beer of the earth

March 12, 2008 / No Comments

cascade green beer Cascade Green   Beer of the earthI really wonder if a green beer tastes better than a normal beer because when I look at these prints I can already feel down my throat. In the picture above, is Cascade Green the first 100 percent carbon neutral beer produced by Cascade Brewerey in Tasmania.

Using all sorts of sustainable practices, local ingredients the company managed to reduce energy usage by 16% and water usage by 30% in the last 6 years. The bottles are built with recycled glass and are supposed to be the lightest possible, the labels are painted with bio-degradable vegetable inks and is going to be delivered in 100% recycled cartons.

Cascade Brewery is producing some of its energy on their own extracting methane-rich gas from decomposing organic waste and generates up to 7,500 MWh of electricity each year. The whole project of the Cascade Green beer is supposed to save 35,000 tones of CO2 yearly.

I’d love to taste it.

via TreeHugger