Aircraft manufacturing giants to test biofuels

March 19, 2008 / No Comments

airplane in the clouds Aircraft manufacturing giants to test biofuels
by aslaugsvava
If last month Virgin Atlantic tested a Boeing 747 running with 80 percent normal fuel mixed with 20 percent biofuel, but Continental Airlines wants their own piece of the pie.The company  partnered with Boeing and GE Aviation to demonstrate in the first half of the next year (2009)  an aircraft running on bio-fuels. From what I understand it’s going to be bio-fuel only and if the test will be successful Continental Airlines will be the first major US carrier to use biofuels on flights.

“Exploring sustainable biofuels is a logical and exciting new step in our environmental commitment” said Mark Moran, vice president of operations at Continental Airlines.

I/we all hope these are not just test meant to increase their popularity among people that care about the environment. – via – BusinessGreen