The “Microjoule” does 7,148 mpg – beat that!

March 19, 2008 / No Comments

A new non-crowned “mpg king” is set to stir the market a little bit. Started as an experimental vehicle, the Microjoule was built by a team of students from the French Technical School, St. Joseph La Joliverie and managed to get the first prize at the Eco-Marathon, last year. This happened because the alien-like race-looking single-seater car (phew) that runs on gasoline is able to do 7,148 miles per gallon. No kidding.

the microjoule The Microjoule does 7,148 mpg   beat that!

The Eco-Marathon, which Shell hosts each year, is “an educational project that integrates the sustainable development values with driving as far as possible using the least amount of energy”. Gasoline, diesel, liquid petroleum gas, ethanol, compressed natural gas, hydrogen or solar powered cars are going to compete once again in 2008 at Nogaro from 22 to 24 of May.

From 1992 since when the Eco-Marathon first came to Europe, the Microjoule managed to steal the first prize each and every year and managed to break the world record 6 times. Wish I could see this kind of efficiency on other series cars, too.