The Danube Delta in 23 Beautiful Images

March 20, 2008 / 6 Comments

The Danube Delta is the second biggest delta in Europe and the best preserved on the continent with an approximate surface of 5,165 km². This includes both the Romanian and the Ukrainian part of the delta, as well as the UNESCO world heritage site where 23 natural ecosystems measuring 2,733 km² are strictly protected.

It’s a unique exotic land in Europe, with over 1,200 species of trees and plants and the largest fauna (over 300 species of birds) of the continent. It’s also heaven for for fishermen with more than 45 freshwater fish species; you can catch the Danube herring, or sturgeons which are renowned for their expensive caviar.

Enough talking, because we have 23 great images that will speak for themselves.

pelicans danube delta The Danube Delta in 23 Beautiful Images
Common pelican in the delta

danube delta lotus The Danube Delta in 23 Beautiful Images
Lotus on the water

danube delta letea oak
Very old oak at Letea

danube delta sontea channel
Sontea Channel in the Danube Delta

danube delta lake
Small lake

danube delta pelican
Airborne pelican

danube delta kids have fun
Kids having fun in the Danube Delta

Upper Danube Delta
The upper Danube Delta

danube delta flowers
Flowers on the water

danube delta flooded village
Flooded village

danube delta - flooded pasture
Flooded pasture

danube delta fauna
Hyla Arborea in the Danube Delta

danube delta fishing boat
Boat on channels

fishing on the danube
Fishing boat

danube delta fishery
A fishery

bulrush harvesting
Bulrush harvesting

Danube Delta boat in the trees
Main transportation : boats

Danube Delta .. all green
Lots of green

Danube Delta reed

Dalmatian Pelican
Dalmatian pelican family

danube sunset near mahmudia
Sunset over the Danube Delta, near Mahmudia

danube enters the black sea, aerial view
The Danube enters the Black Sea, journey almost over

danube delta into the black sea
The end

Photos copyright : Jarosaw Pocztarski, FOREVER CARDON, mugh, onnufry, tonica, marius, S-Yun, marius_zh, la Tanti Tina and the Danube’s Biosphere Region website.