Energy Wasting Day, on April 1st

March 25, 2008 / No Comments

April 1st 2008 is Energy Wasting Day this year. Here is Dan Power that will teach you how to waste the energy and increase carbon emissions in his mission to fry the planet.

Energy Wasting Day…. Are we kidding? Of course we are!

They want to make people aware that if we were to change our habits just a little bit it would help our world a lot. It’s an April Fool’s Day campaign meant to make everyone conscious that we can do something to change the world we live in.

Together is a campaign which gives you easy ways to fight climate change. We work with our partners, some of Britain’s biggest brand names, to bring these solutions to you. And we show you how the little, smart things you do can add up to a big difference in the fight against climate change.”

Polar bears? Who cares?