Boris Johnson is London’s new mayor

May 5, 2008 / No Comments

boris johnson london mayor Boris Johnson is Londons new mayorIf you were wondering who is the new mayor of London, he’s the Conservative candidate, Boris Johnson.

After a fiercely battle, Ken Livingstone the guy that got the Friends of Earth “Greenest Mayor” seal of approval, lost. He was the first mayor to take radical actions which turned out to be innovative decisions: extra fees for those that entered city center in a so called congestion charge and was planning to introduce a £25 gas-guzzler tax.

However, the new mayor of London, Boris Johnson is not going to stop the environment campaign and his environmental manifesto includes :

  • will try to reduce CO2 emissions by 60% by 2025
  • will stand against the Heathrow airport expansion
  • will promote hybrid buses
  • will ban plastic bags
  • will support “schemes that pay Londoners to recycle”
  • will protect gardens and green belts from development
  • London will become a genuinely cycle-friendly city

london aerial view Boris Johnson is Londons new mayor
photo by bobcatnorth

Just for the records Boris Johnson was ranked (note: pdf link) by the environmental group Friends of Earth, at 7 out of 10 while the former mayor of London got 9. Let’s hope Johnson will keep his promises.

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