2008 Optibike OB1 – Hybrid Electric Bicycle

May 6, 2008 / 1 Comment

After reading about the most bike-friendly cities in the world, I came upon a bicycle by Optibike. First impressions was that it looks nice and sportier but then I found out that this is the OB1, the hybrid electric bicycle and my mind change.

optibike ob1 2008 Optibike OB1   Hybrid Electric Bicycle

Going to work on a bike has never been easier, but I have to agree it’s just as expensive as a medium car: $13,000. If the cash are not the problem and you would rather pedal than driving here is what you get with the 2008 Optibike OB1:

  • carbon fiber handlebars
  • lightweight aluminum monocoque frame – guaranteed for life
  • brakes, chainring and cable ferrules
  • GPS satellite navigation
  • Wireless PDA interface that provides info: motor temperature, battery charge or the remaining range
  • 9 speed grip shift and two power modes – Fast and Economy
  • 20ah Li-Ion – three years or 30,000 miles warranty
  • UltraBright Twin 10w Halogen lights
  • quick charger and TAG Wheels made from a DuPont resin
  • a customized paint job.

Though these are great features the big deal about this hybrid electric bicycle is “the patented Motorized Bottom Bracket (MBB) which drives through the derauiller gear system to optimize acceleration and range at all pedaling speeds – is now oil cooled and delivers 850 continuous watts of power”. This is how the Optibike OB1 runs speeds of 30+ mph for decent ranges.

Only 24 units will be built in 2008 so if you want yours and you care about the environment, check Optibike.

via Gizmag