Earthrace, Biodiesel-Powered Trimaran Around the World

May 8, 2008 / 1 Comment

earthrace trimaran biodiesel Earthrace, Biodiesel Powered Trimaran Around the World

Designed as “a rally car but for oceans”, Earthrace is a trimaran running on 100-percent pure biodiesel that wishes to set an around-the-world speed record with a net zero carbon footprint. They tried to break the record in 2007, but mechanical problems kept them from finishing the race.

The boat is famous not only for being featured on lots of news channels or because it runs safely on bio-diesel alone. Earthrace can submerge up to 23 feet in water if it needs to fight big waves and the most important fact is that parts of the boat are made from a hemp-based composite, bedding foams are made from canola oil, and the operation’s total carbon footprint has been balanced by purchasing carbon credits.

earthrace biodiesel boat Earthrace, Biodiesel Powered Trimaran Around the World

At a speed of 6 knots (6.9 mph) the boat goes up to 15,000 miles on a full tank, while at 25 knots (29 mph) it runs for 2,300 miles.

Previous record of 74 days, 23 hours and 53 minutes was set by UK boat Cable & Wireless Adventurer in 1998 and Earthrace plans to beat that time. They left Sagunto, Spain on April 27 and got to Panama traveling across the Atlantic in just 8 days. In their journey they will include a total of 12 refueling stops and will pass through the Suez and Panama canals.

Let’s hope they manage to break the record this time.


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