Eat Insects, If You Want to Help the Environment

May 9, 2008 / 2 Comments

David Gracer is a guy that thinks consuming insects is both pleasing to the palate and good for the planet. He’s a bug eater and likes his creatures sautéed, filleted and roasted. Most importantly, Gracer thinks we all should do it.

Though most societies associate insects with an unclean creature that cause diseases, entomologist Florence Dunkel said that this is just “a social aversion”. In fact insects are not prone to disease more than cows, pigs, chicken or fish, but they (all) require proper preparation.

giant water bug Eat Insects, If You Want to Help the Environment
David Gracer recommends the “giant water bug”

Considering that over-fishing may lead to the collapse of global fish stocks in 40 years, we may turn our heads to insects pretty soon. They provide far more edible proteins per pound of feed as cattle which means it passes the test of being environmental sustainable.

“Insects can feed the world. Cows and pigs are the SUV’s, bugs are the bicycles.” Gracer said. We all choose a bicycle over a SUV, right? David Gracer also said that from now on it’s hisduty to persuade ordinary Americans to eat insects.