Eco-Funerals, Are You Green Enough?

May 13, 2008 / 3 Comments

eco coffin Eco Funerals, Are You Green Enough?Not using plastic bags, installing a solar power roof or taking your bicycle instead of your car when you leave to work, is no longer enough to prove that you’re trying to live a greener life and help the environment. And though planning a funeral may be the last thing on your mind right now, if you want to be green till the end, an eco-funeral may be the solution. You need an “eco-exit”.

However, setting up an environmental-friendly funeral is a far more complicated thing than first thought and it’s not the price that makes it complicated, “it’s the choice” says Fran Hall, marketing director for Epping Forest Burial Park.

Eco-funerals may not differ very much from traditional funerals except that they are as green as possible. It uses cardboard coffins that biodegrade within three months, while the body is not embalmed and is dressed with clothes sewn from pure fibers. Alternative transportation methods, like a horse drawn hearse may be used to carry the body to the grave, in a natural setting so that it’s attractive to wildlife and sustainable flora.

There are eco-friendly graveyards like Oakfield Wood, where 1,600 trees and wooden plaques mark the plots where people have been buried.

A new legislation in UK requires the mercury content of plastics and treatments used in coffins, to be reduced starting from 2010 and the eco-coffins already meet these requirements, which made us think that the British may be encouraging growth in environmentally-friendly burials.

What would you choose? Green or traditional?