Czeers MK1: World’s First Solar Speedboat That Does 30 Knots

May 27, 2008 / 1 Comment

czeers mk1 solar speedboat Czeers MK1: Worlds First Solar Speedboat That Does 30 Knots

If you’re an environment friendly sailor and have a passion for speedboats check out Czeers MK1, a 10-meter boat that packs 14 square meters of solar panels and an 80kw electric motor. It was showed off at the Millionaire Fair last year and though it’s just a prototype, this baby goes up to 30 knots on water.

Made 100-percent of carbon fiber with orange leather trim, photovoltaic cells on almost all horizontal surfaces and an LCD touch-screen control system, Czeers MK1 uses no oil, produces no engine noise and no fumes. The company expects to sell 4 to 8 models a year and though they didn’t disclose the price, expect to hit the sky.

Here is a video of the superboat. Do you like it ?


via Gizmag