Solar Rickshaws by SolarLab

May 30, 2008 / 2 Comments

solar powered rickshaw Solar Rickshaws by SolarLab

Though I’ve seen eco-cabs and electric rickshaws by now, this new solar rickshaw by SolarLab have something to be proud of. Most of the energy, 75-percent, will come from the roof-mounted photovoltaic cells while the rest of 25-percent will be delivered through pedaling so better be prepared if there’s no sun outside.

sketch solar rickshaw Solar Rickshaws by SolarLab

I can see a battery in this sketch but to be honest, what kind of engine is that? Any details about it, would be great. Don’t plan to drive during the night unless SolarLab has an extraordinary battery to help you out or you’re training for the Olympics on that hill.

SolarLab via Dezeen