Underwater “Wind Farms” will Create Energy from Ocean Currents

June 2, 2008 / 1 Comment

underwater wind farms Underwater Wind Farms will Create Energy from Ocean Currents

After completing their $6 million capital raise the Australian company, BioPower Systems, is working hard on testing what could be the undersea equivalent of a wind farm that will turn wave energy into clean, eco-friendly, renewable electricity. Using a lightweight design in harmony with the ecosystem, the bioWAVE and bioSTREAM devices will reside beneath the water surface, moving and swaying in tune with the ocean’s forces.

The concept looks great, but I wonder who’s going to do the cleaning after a couple of months of staying underwater. Would it affect the whole process of creating energy? Probably, buy I trust these guys with coming up with a solution.

Here’s a video on NationalGeographing where they test the whole concept.