Oldest Japanese to Reach the Everest Peak

June 3, 2008 / No Comments

Yuichioro Miura, a 75-year-old young man from Japan managed to climb the world’s largest peak, Mount Everest. His health and the age did not deter him from taking on that adventure.

yuichiro miura everest Oldest Japanese to Reach the Everest Peak
Image via Snow Dolphins

Since China wants to bring the Olympic torch on the Everest, no one was allowed to climb the mountain and Miura was delayed a few days. Determined and aware that he’s able to do it, he started climbing on May 20, from his 17,400 feet high base camp accompanied by his doctor. After three days and 10,000 feet higher, he reached the peak.

Though Yuichioro Miura was an adventurer and a great skier who knew what to expect while climbing the Everest, he still had to undergo a very rigorous training schedule. Despite the fact that he had heart condition since childhood, doctors agreed that he’s looking like a 40 year old and allowed him to accomplish his long wish of climbing the highest peak in the world.

However, Miura is unhappy that he’s not the oldest person ever to win the Everest because Nepalese, Min Bahadur Sherchan managed to do it one day earlier. Sherchan is going to be 77 years old soon.