Barack Obama’s Green Fist Bump

June 5, 2008 / No Comments

Barack Obama will be the democratic presidential candidate. Yeah, yeah, the first black American to have a major party’s backing for president.

Black, white…what we really need to know is whether or not Barack Obama is green? And what shade?

It reminds me of an old not so funny story.

A bus driver during the fight for civil rights days was hauling some kids, black and white. The kids started fighting. Suddenly the bus driver got mad, stopped the bus and told them all to get off the bus.

He lectured them – “You all are not black and white. Stop fighting. From now on, all of you should think that you are green. You got it?”

The kids smiled at each other and at the bus driver and nodded their heads.

The bus driver then said, “Now get back on the bus. I want the dark green in the back and the light green in the front.”


I don’t wonder what color green Obama is. I wonder what he will do with that fist when it comes to punching green. We may find out soon enough.