100 Million Flowers Around Beijing

June 6, 2008 / 1 Comment

I have no idea how many flowers 100 million are. I mean, what kind of space can that cover?

Beijing will know.

From June 20th, Beijing will start decorating the streets with some 100 million flowers.

flowers in beijing 100 Million Flowers Around Beijing

Out of a total of 2,000 types, 576 breeds of flowers were selected:

1. rose

2. pansy

3. morning glory

4. zinnia

And, in order to ensure all the plants bloom on key, some have been genetically altered.

Gives new meaning to the phrase – “Please don’t eat the daisies.”

The flowers will be placed, around Olympic stadiums, along main roads, at Tiananmen Square together with more than 40 million plants.

Blue and white flowers are the preferred colors. It seems they are the most popular colors in flags around the world.

Lucky clouds, from the Beijing torch, will be placed in the red grass next to the Water Cube.

“Have you considered the flowers of the field? Yet Solomon in all his glory could not adorn himself such as them.”

Who said it?

source – image by ethnocentrics