Nereus, kite-powered water craft concept

June 6, 2008 / 11 Comments

nereus kite powered watercraft 1 Nereus, kite powered water craft concept

Using wind to get from place A to place B is quite unusual for most of us. But, how about about the Nereus, the water pad racer for adrenaline junkies? Inspired by kite sailing, these pix are aconceptual design of a kite-powered water craft capable of achieving relatively high speeds both on and under the water.

Inspired by ET?!

nereus kite powered watercraft concept Nereus, kite powered water craft concept

Though I’m not sure if how much of a storm is necessary to get your 200 lb body out of the water with all that sea drag, I’ll have to believe the designers when they say the design of the vessel and the kite is sufficient. Controlling the Nereus is just as easy as riding a bike they say. All you have to do is turn the handlebars which are attached to the kite. To dive, just push down.

Nereus Concept : kite powered watercraft

Though we wouldn’t expect to go from Newport Beach to Long Beach, even if you’re well trained to use wind power, the Nereus sure looks capable to deliver. I’m game for test-driving it.

Anyone else?

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