Toyota FCHV-adv: improved hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle

June 6, 2008 / 1 Comment

Toyota came out with great news today about an advanced fuel-cell vehicle with a maximum cruising range of 830 km (516 miles) on a full tank of hydrogen. Fuel cell vehicles are running on hydrogen which is both cheap and inexhaustible, emits only water and offer the same driving experience which may lead us to considering them against traditional cars.

toyota fchv fuel cell car Toyota FCHV adv: improved hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
Image by Masaru Kamikura

The improved FCHV-adv version is a hybrid that also uses an electric engine to switch to, features a bigger fuel tank, has a double maximum storage pressure, a better braking system, a nickel-metal hydride battery and is 25 more fuel efficient than its predecessor.

It should go head to head with Honda’s latest FCX Clarity, a sporty-looking fuel-cell sedan with a maximum cruising range of 620 km (385 miles) on a single tank and in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius (-22F) up to 95 degrees Celsius (203F).

Though overseas plans are not yet defined and prices not yet announced, the zero emissions FCHV-adv model will be leased in the United States starting next month and later this year it should be available to government agencies in Japan. It should be showcased next month at the G8 Summit in Toyako as a test-ride, if you plan to take a closer look.

toyota fchv Toyota FCHV adv: improved hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
Image by fowlmouth76

It’s the competition between Honda and Toyota – the only automakers to put a fuel-cell vehicle on the road – that could lead to worldwide production of these models. I’d sure like to pay cheaper for my road trips, wouldn’t you? Though, the only drawback could be the lack of hydrogen fuelling stations and the high price we may have to pay for such a car.

We probably need them, right?