Airlines to Charge Customers Based on Their Weight?

June 7, 2008 / No Comments

If this i’s true, more and more Americans may not be able to afford plane travel before long.

airplane passengers Airlines to Charge Customers Based on Their Weight?

With oil prices soaring and the prices breaking record after record – $139.12, do I hear $140? How about $150?, the airline companies are taking crazy measures to make sure they’re not going bankrupt. With prices having tripled in the last eight years and analysts predicting $150 per barrel by the 4th of July, it may not be the best industry to be involved in at the moment.

Delta already charges $25 for phone reservations and American Airlines plans to take $15 for each bag checked-in.

But, the fact that airlines are going to charge people more money for being fat is not fair.

Southwest Airlines already charges overweight people for 2 seats if they’re unable to lower the armrest between their seat and the next one. However, actually requiring passengers to step on a scale before boarding and asking for some extra cash if they weigh more than their neighbor is an insult.

What’s next? Charging more for those with long legs or women that have had breast implants? Can you be charged for being too sexy?

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