Lycra-trimmed, ultra-mini Salmon-Skin Bikini. Are you serious?

June 8, 2008 / 1 Comment

salmon skin bikini Lycra trimmed, ultra mini Salmon Skin Bikini. Are you serious?Claudia Escobar is an eccentric Chilean fashion designer or at least that’s what she is demonstrating here with her new creation.

It’s swim wear and clothing made from discarded bits of Scottish salmon skin.

Her Lycra-trimmed, ultra-mini salmon-skin bikini are durable and elastic (how else?). They are also now part of a luxury clothing line and go for £250 (~ $495).

Smells fishy? Who cares?

Though it’s a very green solution we’re not sure how many women will buy this salmon-skin bikini for the summer of `08.

If you’re the “lucky” guy to undress someone who wears one, we’d definitely like to hear from you. What’s it like, how did you react in front of your mermaid?

Claudia Escobar recently returned from a trip to pick up wool from sheep in the Scottish islands. Dare we imagine what her next bikini will look like?

salmon skin bikini model Lycra trimmed, ultra mini Salmon Skin Bikini. Are you serious?

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