A Pile of 3G Apple iPhones

June 9, 2008 / 1 Comment

My neighbor, Steve Jobs (how’s that for name dropping), will likely unveil the 3G iPhone today. He called and asked me what I thought about the idea. The message is on my phone. (right!)

FWIW, I do live about 3 miles from Apple HQ. Jobs lives in the mountains and I live in the low-rent district of Silicon Valley.

pilecellphones A Pile of 3G Apple iPhones

This new 3G iPhone:

1. higher speed

2. links to corporate e-mail systems

3. threatens the Blackberry

4. miles (kilometers) behind anything the Japanese already offer

5. hopes to be bought up by some 10 million users this year.

What I want to know is what’s going to become of the pile of 2G iPhones that users can be expected to discard?

Can’t use them for land fill. Can’t build a house over them. Can’t even boil them till they are soft enough to eat.

So, what does become of all those cell phones that are no longer needed? Huh?