How Not to Lower Gas Prices

June 9, 2008 / No Comments

I don’t like high gas prices any more than the next guy or gal. It’s $4.53/gal for the cheap stuff right down the street from my house.

There’s a goof ball lady up the street, relatively speaking, from me who has decided to protest the high gas prices here in California. Protesting is a hobby in these parts.

She decided she would make a statement by trying to set the restrooms of two gas stations on fire. The 64-year old woman told police, “I wanted to take a stand.”

gasstationfire How Not to Lower Gas PricesThe same woman was spotted at a McDonalds’ carrying eight logs. Presumably she was taking those logs to the restrooms, not bringing them out.

She did not cause damage to the gas stations; just caused a stink.

The grandma told police she woke up that morning and decided to do something about high gas prices.

That’ll do it. Deplete the supply. It lowers gas prices every time.