The Donald and His $2B Golf Course

June 11, 2008 / 1 Comment

The Donald as they like to call Donald Trump wants to create a $2 billion playground golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland, home of golf. He got environmentalists and one very stubborn farmer, to stand in his way.

donald trump The Donald and His $2B Golf Course

Trump wants to bring his New York style development plans to an environmentally sensitive stretch of coastline, a legally protected site of scientific interest and wants to develop the world’s greatest golf course. His argument is that “people won’t play a course if it is environmentally harmful. They don’t like it, they don’t feel good about it and they won’t play it”. Do I really have to bet my money on that lie?

Just for the record, the local farmer who refused to sell his land, rejected on a $690,000 offer. Is he holding out for more?

It’s a tough call to choose between the land of scientific interest that is home to some of the country’s rarest wildlife, including skylarks, kittiwakes or badgers and the two golf courses, 900 timeshare apartments, 450-bed hotel and 500 luxury homes. Right?