Fluorescent Bulbs that Last 13,000 hrs by Panasonic

June 13, 2008 / No Comments

How long is 13,000 hours? 541 days is the answer. One year and a half. That’s how long we can leave a Pa-Look Ball Premium Q (quick) compact fluorescent light bulb on, before it burns out. It’s the industry’s first “hybrid lighting method”, meaning it has instant brightness.

pa look ball premium q2 Fluorescent Bulbs that Last 13,000 hrs by Panasonic

The bulb is an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly choice for homes and companies. Until now, the big drawback was how long it took for them to brighten up completely. No more!

“Panasonic said it has successfully developed the “hybrid lighting method” by installing a newly-developed compact “quick lamp” in the center of the spiral arc tube structure inside the pear-shaped Premium Q fluorescent light capsules. The “quick lamp” allows the bulb to obtain 60% of full brightness within the first second after it is turned on, which is 50% faster than current Pa-Look Ball Premium bulbs and stands as the industry’s quickest ramp-up time. ” – JapanToday

The bulb also has a built in timer that turns off the quick lamp once there is enough brightness. With a consumption of just 10 watts, the bulb produces the equivalent of 54-watt incandescent bulbs, cutting electric bills and CO2 emissions by 80%.

Yeah, and it can be switched on and off 40,000 times before it will say, “Will you stop doing that!?”