Green Tote Bags the Rage in Fashion

June 13, 2008 / No Comments

shop tote bags Green Tote Bags the Rage in Fashion

My Bag – Use Me and Re-use Me – I’m not green but I could be.

These are some of the inscriptions on tote bags that are popping up everywhere in Beijing, small shops to luxury malls. The Chinese government issued a ban on free plastic bags on June 1st, this year and in response, the Chinese shoppers have found themselves engulfed in a green phenomenon.

The new push among retailers, turn fashion-conscious customers into eco-aware shoppers. Tote bags are a one time thing and the Chinese shop till they save the planet – that is, they help push along the green revolution.

Young fashion minded girls in Beijing say that, “it’s cool to carry a simple colored ec0 bag with my Levi jeans and Nikes”. Diesel, Marc Jacobs, DKNY and the Japanese lifestyle store Muji are well known international brands that are in on the push.

It’s about time people have figured it’s cool to be a good steward.