South Korean Truckers Strike, Too

June 14, 2008 / No Comments

south korean truckers strike South Korean Truckers Strike, Too

On a lot of levels, this doesn’t make sense to me and probably you either, but South Korean truck drivers parked their trucks and let them idle away the fuel. They don’t seem to have any more sense about this than their European counterparts but anyway, who’s asking us?The truckers who want lower diesel fuel costs, higher fees for hauling freight and a standardized pricing system, were protesting the Korean government’s policy package dealing with record-breaking crude oil prices.

Let’s see, they want us to give them cheaper fuel, pay them more to haul it and give them a higher wage or, they’ll just paralyze the nation.

In 2003 South Korean truckers went on strike costing the nation some $540 million. This time they got a promise that the government is going to spend $9.77 billion over the next year to deal with these high prices.

In the end, who paid for that? People who went shopping to buy the food and other items they haul. People like you or me!