Toyota’s Next-Generation Battery Plans

June 15, 2008 / No Comments

Toyota Motor Corp is so far out in front of the pack when it comes to fuel-efficiency, that objects in the mirror really are smaller than they appear.

lithium ion cells battery Toyotas Next Generation Battery Plans

The company has set the standard for hybrid cars and the use of lithium-ion batteries but it’s not enough because they have a plan to launch a plug-in hybrid car with lithium-ion batteries within the next two years, which will far “outpeform” current lithium-ion batteries. The next-generation battery will be ready for commercial use by 2030.

A new research team created by Toyota will start with 50 engineers and double in size in about two years. Full scale production of lithium-ion batteries will start up next year and go full hybrid steam ahead by 2010.

Toyota is working in cahoots with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co, which makes Panasonic brand products. Remember that 13,000-hour light bulb? And, who said Japan cannot be a leader on the world stage?

Image by aminorjourney