2009 Toyota Prius, Sharp Futuristic Looking

June 16, 2008 / No Comments

While Toyota works to improve its hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, the company is also working to make the new 2009 Prius, how shall I put this, a whole lot less ugly, sharp and futuristic-looking.

2009.toyota.prius thumb 2009 Toyota Prius, Sharp Futuristic Looking

In that, Toyota is making the car of the future, and will make it available in the U.S., Japan, Korea from next April. Even better news – Toyota is planning to make the price more ‘competitive.’ And why would they do that? People will pay out the gazoo for them here in Silicon Valley.

It’s a car that appreciates in value. With gas prices continuing to climb (we pay $4.29 4.53 for the very cheap stuff here in SV) we can expect this car’s value to continue to go up as well. Leave it to Toyota and other Japanese car makers to lead the way in fuel-efficient vehicles.