Endangered Sea Dragon Pregnant

June 17, 2008 / No Comments

Happy Father’s Day to a weedy sea dragon at the Georgia Aquarium. Apparently, the sea dragon, along with sea horses and pipe fish are the only species where the male carries the eggs. And, a Georgia Aquarium sea dragon has about 70 fertilized eggs that he is carrying.

seadragon Endangered Sea Dragon Pregnant

It’s only the third time ever that one of these rare birds, um, sea dragons has become pregnant at a U.S. aquarium. What’s more, researchers don’t know how it happened, or more precisely what got the father in the mood to mate. (Um, I am a father, maybe I can help out here.) Researchers say there is “something biologically or environmentally that triggers them to want to reproduce.” Really?!

weedy seadragon eggs102 Endangered Sea Dragon Pregnant

During mating, the female lays dozens of eggs and then attaches them to the male’s tail. Survival rate is about 60% for sea dragon’s born in captivity. Let’s see 70 eggs X 60% = 42 more little dragons to star in a future Dr. Seuss book.

Congratulations, Dad! Mom!

[Image source : Yahoo!]