Earthquake forces Migration of Wolves

June 18, 2008 / No Comments

wild wolf Earthquake forces Migration of Wolves

To be sure, it is not always we foolish humans that drive animals out of their natural habitats, Mother Nature can do it, too. A May 12th earthquake in the mountains of Sichuan Province devastated some of the natural habitats of the wolves in that same region. Only about 10 wolves have been sighted since and the government has dispatched observation teams.

I mean, if they don’t find enough wolves, who’s going to star in the Chinese remake of Little Red Riding Hood?

“The wild animals live in the remote and deep mountainous area, and are scared after the earthquake, so they go out of the deep mountains,” according to Yang Feiyu, head of one animal protection station.

If we take the big picture in the whole balance of nature scenario, this could be considered a good thing overall. Don’t you think?

Image by uae_1