How to Pay Fees in Brazil, Plant Some Trees

June 18, 2008 / No Comments

tree planting How to Pay Fees in Brazil, Plant Some TreesThis kind of initiatives really get us rolling on the floor and wagging our tails.

The Brazilian Câmara dos Deputados is preparing a bill that will actually ask people to plant trees when they have fees to pay. The law is trying to recover the rainforest and offset the country’s carbon emissions.

We’re talking about fees concerning marriage, divorce, buying a new car or real estate transactions.

  • getting married is 10 trees (additional 25 trees if you are divorcing later)
  • buying a new car is 20 trees (light-duty van goes for 40 trees while a heavy duty is 60 trees)
  • selling a house is 10 trees
  • selling a business is 20 trees

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics estimated that about 65 million trees would be planted per year under the proposed rules.

Apparently everything we do, harms the environment and though I do not agree with this concept, planting trees – no matter the reason – is a great solution to living a healthier life with a cleaner environment. Don’t you think?

[Source: Globo] (Image by Craig Jewell)

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