World Population – 7 billion by 2012

June 22, 2008 / No Comments

 worldpopulation World Population   7 billion by 2012

The challenge of a greener world will be the ever growing number of Earthlings to keep on track. The world population is expected to hit 7 billion by 2012, 10 billion in the 2050s.  It took 6000 years, give or take a few, to reach 6 billion in 1999. In just 13 years, another billion will be added. The world population was under 1 billion in 1800.

Medical and nutritional advances are given the credit. The good news is that the world population growth is slowing down. The population doubled from 3B to 6B in 40 years from 1959-1999. Growth is expected to be only 50% from 1999-2049. In 2050, global growth is expected to sloe to 0.5% from the current 1.2%.

In the meantime, the world is growing older. Currently, 1.5% of the world’s population is over 80 (estimate). In 2050, that number is expected to grow to 5%. By 2050, India is also expected to overtake China as the most populous nation.

Well, I done my part for world population growth, with a little help from my wife. We added a daughter to the crowd this year.