Beijing Follows NYC Lead, Sorta

June 23, 2008 / No Comments

heavy trafficbeijing Beijing Follows NYC Lead, Sorta

Beijing will follow NYC’s lead, sorta, restricting car traffic on roads during certain periods. The 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games are less than 2 months away. Beijing will ban vehicle traffic with odd and even-numbered license plates on alternate days from July 20th-Sept 20th. The hope is to improve air quality during the Games. Taxis, buses and emergency vehicles will be exempt.

The action is taken to fulfill Beijing’s commitment to host a “Green Olympics.”

Beijing will also ban all motor vehicles that don’t meet European No. 1 standards for exhaust emissions. Trucks not registered in Beijing will be prohibited from entering the city. To compensate motorists, owners will be exempt from taxes and road maintenance fees for three months. I wonder, what will NYC drivers get. Last year, Beijing ran a test that kept about 1.3 million vehicles off the road which in turn cut 5,815 tons of emissions.

So, why can’t the city do that all the time?