Don’t Drink the Water in the U.K.

June 26, 2008 / No Comments

I get the message when I visit third-world countries. But the U.K.? The message is “Don’t drink the water.” Apparently somecryptosporidium2 2001 Dont Drink the Water in the U.K. 170,000 Brits who get their water provided by Anglian Water were warned to boil the water before drinking it. Traces of a stomach bug have been found. The bug has a name – cryptosporidium. With a name like that you would think Superman wouldn’t drink it either. The tap water is still safe for washing, bathing and toilet flushing. Yeah, a clean bug is a healthy bug, right?

So, how did a first-world country like Britain come down with a problem like this? And if it’s in the water, what kinds of pollution might be found in other places in the country? Is anybody worried?

Everything you wanted to know about cryptosporidium.