“China and India Have Right to Grow”

June 28, 2008 / No Comments

Japan’s PM Yasuo Fukuda says “countries like China and India ”are part of theg8summitlogo China and India Have Right to Grow international deal,” but that they have the ”right to grow in the way that we grew.'” Some might argue that considering the size of those two countries, but nevertheless, Japan will be hosting the G-8 leaders from July 7-9th and Brazil, China and India have been invited to join in the discussion on climate change. (I wish they would invite me.)

Japan’s Fukuda said,  ‘In the …I would like to deepen common recognition (with participants) over the (climate change) issue and send a powerful message that we will work together.”

Japan’s former PM, Shinzo Abe echoed, ”I strongly hope this will be agreed on and shared at the summit as a common goal of humankind.” This= halving global emissions by 2050.

And Tony Blair chimed in, ”I think and hope we will this year get agreement on an essential shared vision around 2050….It wasn’t entirely clear at Heiligendamm that everyone was signed up for it. I think it’s got to be clear this year that they are.”

A climate change meeting is scheduled for 2009 in Copenhagen and a climate change framework is expected to be agreed upon to succeed the Kyoto Protocol which will expire in 2012.

I wish they would invite me to come.