Wind Power Contributes to World Record for Tyson Gay

June 30, 2008 / No Comments

tysongay Wind Power Contributes to World Record for Tyson GayWind power. There’s an obvious reason, okay, maybe not so obvious reason to some why it is such a good thing. Wind power was attributed to helping Tyson Gay run the fastest ever 100 meters in history – 9.68 at the U. S. Olympic trials in Eugene, OR. The record, however, was aided with the help of a tailwind that was deemed too strong.

In competition, winds over 2.0 meters/second cause a runner’s time to be disqualified. Gay had a tailwind of 4.1 meters/sec.  The world record is 9.72 seconds, set by Jamaica’s Usain Bolt. GP wants to point out that when the wind is at our backs, wind power, too, there is potential to set even more important records than dash. How about a record for the least amount of fossil fuels used for example.

Wind power…there’s something to it.