Trigeneration Power System Developed in Japan

July 4, 2008 / No Comments

flowerfield Trigeneration Power System Developed in Japan


Kansai Electric Power C0 will work in cahoots with three other companies to develop a ‘trigeneration system’ that can produce electric power and also utilize waste heat and CO2 emissions, all to improve farming productivity.

Toyota Turbine and Systems Inc. (yeah, they are related to that Toyota) will design a small gas turbine that can burn liquified natural gas to generate electricity. (And you thought Toyota only made economical cars, didn’t you?). Kurabo will come up with the technology to denitrate exhaust gas, and Globally-Tech co will provide the control technologies.

Kanasai Electric has a giant flower field in Rokkasho, Aomori, northern Japan, where it is experimenting with flower cultivation. Within two years the company hopes to also use the heat and CO2 extracted from the exhaust gas to create an optimal environment for photosynthesis. How cool is that?