When Mother Nature Doesn’t Get it Right – Square Watermelons

July 4, 2008 / 1 Comment

squaremelons When Mother Nature Doesnt Get it Right   Square Watermelons


How often do people thing they can do things better, improve on the way our planet and all its intricacies have been designed? We reroute rivers, relocate forests, try to make it rain, try to make it stop. One Japanese group has taken the initiative and has successfully reshaped the watermelon. Yup, to be sure. A group in Kagawa Prefecture Japan put growing watermelons into translucent plastic cubes while they were still on the vine, then let them grow.

The reason? To keep them from rolling off the table at supermarkets. Nope. So, it would be easier for them to fit into refrigerators. Remember, it was the Japanese who used to tape women’s feet so they wouldn’t grow also, presumably so it would be easier to get their feet in and out of their mouths when they said something stupid.