Six Wandering Wolf Cubs

July 9, 2008 / No Comments

wild wolf cubs Six Wandering Wolf Cubs

After seeing these pictures I remember childhood and the way I was hanging out with my friends. We used to walk and walk, with no set destination. Apparently that’s what wolf cubs do, too.

Bjørn and Birgit Sandberg were on a holiday at their cabin in Rendalen, Norway, when six wolf cubs – about two months old – paid them a surprising visit after feasting on a moose in the woods. “There’s clearly been a party here. There were only bones left” Bjørn Sandberg told on Tuesday.

wild wolf pups Six Wandering Wolf Cubs

They’re supposed to be the offspring of a wolf pair from Østerdalen, that wandered westward.

It was the first time Bjørn and Birgit saw wolves and though they were aware they may be adult wolves in the area they grabbed the camera and got all the six wild wolves pups in a sensational picture. First one in Norway.