Using Plastic Garbage Bags – What’s the big deal?

July 9, 2008 / No Comments

trashgarbage Using Plastic Garbage Bags   Whats the big deal?

So what if the plastic bags decomposed in just 3 months. An editor at the Asahi Shimbun opined that plastic shopping bags are NOT the biggest problem. Some 30 billion shopping bags that weigh several hundreds of thousands of tons are NOT the problem.

A survey by this editor revealed –

1. 83% of those who get plastic bags reuse (recycle?) them as liners for their kitchen garbage cans.

2. 80% also used the plastic bags to line their waste baskets.

3. 43% find yet other ways to reuse the little buggers.

5. A mere 0.8% just threw them away.

In the absence of plastic bags for this purpose, most said they would buy garbage bags for the same purpose or reuse newspaper.

Not a few people reused the plastic bags when they went shopping. Many are opting to buy a lot of the cheap plastic bags instead of the more costly heavy plastic bags. In other words…collecting money for plastic bags at the supermarket is just another way to, well, make money. The bags are already being reused, recycled. What’s the big deal?