15 Hot (Women) Celebrities that Posed Nude for the Planet

July 10, 2008 / 72 Comments

Not sure about you but when I find 15 hot women celebrities (probably even one) who will take their clothes off to turn me into a vegetarian, I’ll really think twice about it. More exactly, we’re talking about famous celebrities here. Beautiful ladies that decided to go nude for our planet and are really making a difference in fighting global warming or protecting our furry friends on this planet.

So here are our 15 picks for celebrities in nothing but their birthday suits.

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Sophie Monk decided to make people “kick their meat habit” and posed for a PETA campaign that promotes vegetarianism. She’s lying on a bed of crimson chilli peppers and tells you to “Spice Up Your Life. Go Vegetarian.” Will you? Will you, please?

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Margaret Denise Quigley, the long version for Maggie Q, is an American actress and former fashion model that wants you to “turn over a new leaf” and try to become vegetarian. Not sure if we should try to turn those three salad leafs that cover her body over or buy our own. Figure it out yourself.

Roselyn Sanchez - PETA campaign

Roselyn Sánchez is a Puerto Rican singer, model, film and television actress, supporter of animal rights and an active member of PETA. She recently appeared nude in an ad to support the anti-fur campaigns efforts. She has become the spokesperson for the Fundación de Niños San Jorge, which attends to sick children of poor families.

Joanna Krupa anti-fur campaign

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Joanna Krupa is an international cover model, actress and spokeswoman for Dollhouse Clothing. She’s been on the pages of the most important men’s magazines in the world including Playboy, Maxim, FHM and Stuff. Now she’s trying to let everyone know what she won’t stand for, er, fur.

Eva Mendes - Nude Ad Against Fur

Would you go naked rather than wearing fur? Eva Mendes would and wants you to know it, because she’s really serious about animals. “I look at my beautiful dog and think, “Of course I’d never eat him or skin him for his fur, so why would I be okay with eating a cow or wearing a cheetah?” It’s just not right. It’s a contradiction.” she said to PETA.

Alicia Silverstone - PETA vegetarian campaign

Alicia Silverston is vegetarian, but you probably knew that already. The beautiful American actress and former fashion model was raised in a traditional Jewish household, but that didn’t keep her from posing in a PETA campaign: “Like most people, I wasn’t always a vegetarian, but I’ve always loved animals. If you ever have a chance to meet a cow, pig, turkey, or goat, you will see that they are just as cute and funny as your dogs and cats and that they, too, want to live and feel love.” We’d like to feel her love.

Pop star Jamelia - nude campaign

Pop star Jamelia decided to pose nude to make her point against cruelty to our animal friends which have been killed for their furs. She has a rabbit perched on her back and tells people to be “comfortable in your own skin, and let animals keep theirs.” So true. I guess I have to listen more to her songs.

Gisele Bundchen sandals ad

Is there anyone here, that hasn’t heard of supermodel Gisele Bundchen. She’s into the environment, too. In a recent campaign for the new Bundchen-designed Ipanema sandal, she’s only wearing umm… water. It’s her way of trying to preserve fresh water resources in her native Brazil. “Water is very important in my life, in your life, and everyone’s life. Don’t you think so?” We do! Can we have a drink?

Jodie Marsh - animals campaign

English glamour model and television personality, Jodie Marsh, is trying to teach you that all animals have the same parts as humans do. I’d really love to see the fingers or the shoulders of a fish, but there’s a point to her statement. She posed nude last month on a PETA campaign that is trying to convince people to go vegetarian. “Have a heart, go vegetarian.” What about the breast part of a turkey? Can we see that, too?

Holly Madison, naked on PETA campaign

Holly Madison, naked - I always fake it

Holly Madison is famous for being Hugh Hefner’s number one girlfriend on the reality TV series The Girls Next Door and for her appearances in Playboy magazine. Though she’s Hefner’s “love of his life” and has everything she could need, Madison can’t stand furs. She even posed nude in PETA’s campaign. Do you appreciate it?

Charlotte Ross - shows buns

Famous for her role in NYPD Blue from 2001 to 2004, Charlotte Ross, is a big supporter of animal rights. In 2002 she appeared naked in a PETA campaign saying that she’d rather show her buns than wear fur. Don’t you agree with that? No fur for her, buns for the people!!!

Air Force Drill Sergeant Michelle Manhart nude

Air Force Drill Sergeant Michelle Manhart – great name sergeant – is not a real celebrity but she got her fame a while back after posing for a spread in Playboy magazine. She may be a tough soldier in the Army but she also cares about the animals, because a few months ago she agreed to PETA’s proposal of posing naked (again) in their anti-fur campaign. Dare to wear fur near Manhart? Think twice!

Pamela Andersen anti-fur campaign

For Pamela Anderson, posing naked in front of a camera is nothing new. She did it more than once, to make people aware that being a vegetarian is better and that we should give fur the cold shoulder. She’s got a point and our appreciation (a few months ago).

Imogen Bailey - anti-fur campaign

Imogen Bailey - Thailand elephants campaign

Imogen Bailey, the supermodel-turned-singer and star that participated in the Celebrity Survivor and Celebrity Big Brother, is famous for being Australia’s sexiest model in 2001 (awarded by Ralph magazine). She’s also a fiery animal-rights supporter and posed in PETA campaigns, one poster is against furs and the other one is against elephant cruelty in Thailand.

Paris Hilton Champagne Ad

Paris Hilton is in love with the planet. Did you know that? She launched her own line of champagne, called Rich Prosecco, which she is going to donate 20% of proceeds to organizations that help people find sources of clean drinking water. She gets our love, right now!

What happens now that you’ve seen them all? Is the planet warming EVEN more (with desire)?

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