Solar Power Hindu Temple

July 10, 2008 / 1 Comment

Though it may not be the exact place where I was expecting solar technology to be installed in, a Hindu Temple in California is ready to set a sustainable example. The BAPS Chino Hills Hindu Religious & Cultural Center is going to be built on a 20 acre-site, northeast of the 71 Freeway, between Monte Vista and Central Avenues.

solar powered hindu temple Solar Power Hindu Temple

The temple is going to benefit from a 60kW (kilowatt) grid-tied solar power system supplied by GoGreenSolar. 60kW is more than they need so the excess power will be sent to the local grid for distribution.

Estimations on how this new system will help the environment revealed that it should would reduce CO2 emissions by ~1,550 tonnes, which is the equivalent of planting 62,244 trees, over a period of 25 years. But they’re not going to stop here, because the temple will make use of the new solar tube lighting system that will eliminate the use of light bulbs during the day and will drastically cut on power consumption.

solar hindu temple Solar Power Hindu Temple

Solar-powered Hindu Temple

Other than using the sun’s light for energy and reducing energy consumption, they’re going to plant some 400 species of trees to better the air quality in the area and to make it a place of love, peace and harmony. My humble opinion is that they’ll succeed. Deserves applause or am I wrong?

Chino Hills Hindu Religious & Cultural Center

Swaminarayan Sanstha

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