Air Pollution Levels in Paris – Displayed on a Helium Balloon

July 11, 2008 / No Comments

People in Paris can now stay informed on the air quality they are breathing.

helium balloon for air pollution levels in paris Air Pollution Levels in Paris   Displayed on a Helium BalloonA company called Aérophile has built a giant tethered helium balloon, the AERO30NG Aérophile 5500 model, that will display real-time reports of ambient air quality and air pollution produced by auto emissions using an innovative lighting system, which can be seen from more than 20 km (12.4 miles) away.

Located in the Parc Andre Citroën and filled with 6,000 cubic meters of helium, the balloon will definitely become a tourist attraction considering that it will provide non-polluting rides for up to 30 passengers at a time.

paris helium balloon schema Air Pollution Levels in Paris   Displayed on a Helium Balloon

The Aérophile balloon gathers data from several sensors installed by Airparif – an organization that measures air quality in France and will signal the ambient air quality in colors. It using three projectors located inside of the balloon and a high-powered rotating laser at the base sweeps across the lower half of the balloon.

Helium Balloon in Paris for air pollution levels

Red signifies highly polluted air, orange for polluted, yellow for moderate, light green for clean, and green for very clean. Do you think we’ll ever get to see it green? At least for now, I doubt it!

Helium Balloon - Air de Paris“Flight aboard a tethered gas balloon AERO30NG is a unique experience full of sensations for the passengers.

Silent and without vibration, the gondola is open to the air, allowing passengers to experience the sensation of being on a flying balcony 150 m in the sky.

A 360° panorama unfolds before them, and in a single gaze they can take in the whole landscape.”

Aérophile is a company specialized in manufacturing tethered gas balloons for tourist and cultural attractions so you may want to believe them in doing a great job with the Air de Paris balloon.

Aerophile helium balloon in Paris

Another great place where I think tourists would enjoy seeing such a balloon would be in Beijing for the Olympics. It could be mainly red, though.