China Joins the Fat-People Nations

July 11, 2008 / 1 Comment

fat happy buddha China Joins the Fat People Nations
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Obesity levels in China are rising fast or at least that’s what a recent study published in the July/August issue of the journal Health Affairs, said. More than a quarter of the adult population started eating more and more meat and dairy products which lead to serious health problems.

“What’s happening in China should be seen as a marker for what is going to hit the rest of the developing world if we fail to act,” said study author Barry Popkin, a professor of nutrition at the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina.

“We need to find the right investments and regulations to encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, or we risk facing higher rates of death, disease, and disability and the related costs,” he added.

Because people’s diets have changed over the last few years and they’re no longer rich in vegetables and carbohydrates and the Chinese no longer engage in physical activities they’re doomed to get fat and to die of cancer and coronary heart disease.

Among developing countries, Mexico is the only one to have more fat people than China. Can you imagine a fat world? That’d really be a disaster.

I still have a question though. Why is Buddha fat?