Chicago’s Green Bridge – 7 Facts About It

July 12, 2008 / No Comments

Chicago is reputed to be one of the top 10 greenest cities in the United States. The windy city, not famous for wind power, does have another idea … a green bridge.

chicago green bridge Chicagos Green Bridge   7 Facts About It

So here’s what we know about it. The bridge:

  1. has a price tag of $1 billion
  2. will be used as a breakwater
  3. will use wind turbines to line the bridge and create an alternate source of power for the city (did I say something about not using wind power?)
  4. will be built on a foundation of slag – a permeable byproduct of steel that is aquatic wildlife friendly
  5. will be a tourist attraction
  6. will be a shot in the arm for Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid
  7. is designed by Adrian Smith of Burj Dubai world’s tallest building fame

Chicago will add this ambitious effort to its Green Roof Project and Green Alley Project. They’ve planted some 500,000 trees since 1989 and received a platinum rating for its green design and operation in the meanwhile.

If the city can raise the $1B, it might get a green bridge and the 2016 Olympics, too.