Three Topless PETA Demonstrators outside KFC

July 14, 2008 / 28 Comments

toplesspetakfc1 Three Topless PETA Demonstrators outside KFC

Where’s my camera when I need it? And why don’t these girls do their thing at a KFC near me, dang it? Topless demonstrators for PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) were spotted hanging outside a KFC joint in central Sydney.

Here birdie, birdie. Here birdie…

toplesspetakfc2 Three Topless PETA Demonstrators outside KFC

What you hiding there, honey? You got something to say? Then how about saying it out in the open? Other than the ladies that posed nude for the planet, PETA is trying the bare skin approach, too. Good luck girls.


Can I get your autograph?

Yo! Ladies. We have KFCs here in California. And, you know, there are no laws against going naked in San Francisco? I suppose if you went topless there, nobody would care. Well, nobody but me.


Police were called in to arrest the girls and detain them. I suppose there were no shortage of volunteers for that duty at the downtown Sydney police station.


  • Loz

    It kinda pisses me off how people feel the need to degrade themselves to get their point across.
    Plus it just attracts more perverts than animal activists.
    I know they can protest however they like, but this just annoys me…

  • Uncle B

    Thank you girls for going against the grain and fighting for something you believe in. Even a noble male might sneak a peek, but also understands your moral position and your display of your humanness and vulnerability and respects that.

  • Buckminster

    60’s style protest. nice.

  • Ted Nugent

    That is so lame! They’re not even showing their tits! It always cracks me up when some dumb twat thinks she is so “naughty” by not having a shirt on but covering her boobs w/ her hands or something else.


  • Dustin D. Bowles

    PETA totally objectified those womyn!

  • Don

    Funny, we’re having KFC for dinner tonight.

  • woog

    Where was my cargo van when I needed it?

  • k

    Why is showing the human body degradation or objectification? It’s a perfectly natural, normal thing, and the only thing degrading or objectifying it is your opinions.

  • Brock Lesnar

    Absolutely ineffective. Not one single person stopped eating at KFC because of this…

    Just more rich white yuppy chicks desperate for attention and too lazy to do any real work. This makes a mockery of all the real work real people do each and everyday. It’s shameful and a travesty to the animal rights movement — today these girls set us all back…

    Gee thanks PETA, we’ve got enough enemies we don’t need you eroding our progress.

  • Cecil Adington

    Everywhere in the world it seems people are arrested for standing somewhere holding a sign with a message that people don’t like. It’s just automatic arrest. I find it revolting.

  • Someone

    @Loz: But their point is that degradation and sub-standard treatment is occurring. Degradation is the core of what they are trying to say. How better to do it than put themselves in a similarly degrading position? Perhaps you’re just a prude?

  • tom

    wow. buy more KFC.

  • John

    Who doesn’t like KFC? How many purses, bags, belts & pairs of shoes mad of leather do each of these idiots have?

  • xavster

    PETA – People for Eating of Tasty Animals!

  • Seether

    When is the last time you saw a chicken with panties on? I’m torn as to whether this has any positive karma at all. I’m not a PETA supporter, but I find some of their more subtle activities more convincing than obvious PR grabs like this.

  • hapbt

    kfc is awesome, although i would gladly eat any of these women.
    what a bunch of idiots, good job turning your exhibitionism fetish into a political statement.
    what did peta want the animals so they could put them to sleep themselves?

  • scrumprs

    I know it makes me think of breasts and thighs other than what KFC has to offer. Was that their intention?

  • Kid A

    What difference does it make that PETA cares so much for animals when they are willing to exploit women’s bodies?

    It’s not like women’s rights activists feel the need to slaughter chickens to represent their cause.

    So many of PETA’s campaigns feature nude women just to get attention, not to prove a point.

  • kerenna soul

    You people are ignorant. They are just showing people how the chickens are treated. they are kept in tiny cages and don’t wear clothes. they are treated terribly, that’s the point, it has nothing to do with a naked woman

  • Dani

    Obviously chickens don’t wear clothes. If it has nothing to do with naked women, why are the women naked? How many of you know these chickens are really mistreated? Have you been to the plant? Don’t jump on a bandwagon when you don’t know its destination. Peta has countless obligations to countless others, so why would you let them control your judgment? If companies and politicians wore their benefactors and lobbyists’ logos on their jackets like Nascar’s cars, intentions would be obvious. All of you are in no position to make other people do as you do. I think the biggest mistake we (as a people) have made, is we think we can force others into conforming to our liking and if they don’t, THEY are wrong. hmmm…god complex?

    Quit worrying about what someone else is doing and make your own life beautiful.

    P.S. I don’t support any organization. Be free.

  • shearyadi

    Just stupid, there are more creative way to send opinions/protests rather than getting topless?

  • leaf

    the way things are going in this world i think we should stand and support ANY protest for the rights of ANY thing, how can you people think you’ll help change things when your so full of your own egos? i swear. at least those girls are out there trying while you sit in your little
    box and whine about the way they did it, when you don’t have the drive or the courage to make a stand for something yourself. have to quote pink floyd on this ” united we stand, divided we fall” *wink*

  • Dave

    You don’t measure success by counting how many people heard your message. You measure success by counting how many chickens were removed from their cages by the result of your actions.

    The answer ? Zero.

    Take your local council member for a visit to a chicken farm and an abattoir. That will get real results.

  • Spiral115

    Wow chicken brained woman. With so many real issues, it is amazing these freaks waste their time with this crap. Two days ago scientists announced that in a large study of numerous subjects, not eating meat atrophies the brain. This would explain these photos and PETA.

  • Alex

    This was on PETA’s site:

    Topless Banner Controvery at School

    Spring break is traditionally a time for high school, middle school and college students to celebrate a week away from classes. Many “hang” with friends, visit Minneapolis or even spend time at Lake Superior. But it can be a time for getting into trouble.

    Some Norwood Young America students put up a banner proclaiming “Go Topless for PETA on Spring Break.” That message in support of the animal rights organization was seen Monday by students and faculty at Central High School/Middle School in Norwood Young America, MN. The banner, which had a school-approved message on the other side, was quickly removed by school officials.

    PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an animal rights organization known for using nudity for publicity. But two students who admitted under condition of anonymity to turning the banner over said they were working independently.

    “It was our idea, not PETAs,” said a 17-year-old high school girl who planned the display.

    “But they said it was a good one,” said her co-planner, a 13-year-old middle school girl.

    Several days before, students had hung a banner in the main school hallway that proclaimed, “Have Fun But be Safe on Spring Break.” But authorities and most students didn’t know that the back of the banner had a very different message.

    “Someone turned the banner around right before lunch time,” said school district official Robert Abrams. “The first message was on the other side, so it was definitely the same banner. Obviously, the students who put it up knew what they were doing.”

    “It’s not bad enough our kids are being exposed to sex on the Internet. Now it’s at school,” said Alice Mayfield, an anti-sex education activist and mother of a son who attends the middle school. “If they kept as good control of our kids at school as we do at home, we wouldn’t have this kind of trouble.”

    School officials wouldn’t comment on what actions they planned to take against the students who pulled the stunt. But the young activists did have some supporters.

    “Anything that gets attention for animals is good,” said 17-year-old vegetarian senior Robert Johnson. “America is a nation of abusers and people eat the carcasses of abused animals. It’s time to stop it!”

    A teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity had this to say. “They were exercising their right to free speech. Whether you agree with their cause or not, it’s their right. The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech to all citizens, not just adults.”

    But sophomore Patricia Riley disagreed. “Baring your boobs for baboons? How’s that going to help?”

    The last day of school before spring break is Thursday, March 19.

  • ashok

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  • http://yahoo tomacz

    been a long cold winter,ladies are short on vitamin d,like the bears
    emerging from hibernation
    hormones rule

  • Esme

    I understand that many of you are riled up [and cooped up in your rooms, doing nothing] about how these women are supposedly degrading their bodies, but think about this. If they were clothed and just holding signs, would anyone even have spared a glance? Already, inspite of revelation of animal cruelty in so many spheres of industry and life in general, people turn a blind eye, continue to eat meat, wear fur, go to bullfights and dogfights, bet on horses and quite plainly, don’t give a crap about the creatures that can’t speak for themselves. PETA might have made a million mistakes, but if it has got even A SINGLE PERSON to consider pursuing a kinder life, I support it. Everyone talks of starving children in Africa that need saving instead of animals; well why not cur down on excessive meaty intake and fur purchase and just donate a bit of money you don’t really need to charitable organisations? Instead, you just while and criticize people who are trying to do something meaningful.

    Btw, here in India, the local markets slice the necks of chickens and chop fish ALIVE before our eyes, and still everyone’s flocking to gorge on the flesh of murdered creatures. Human, I think not.

    Let people try. Stop bitching.